• Tru Voya Services

    A Rewarding Guest Experience
    and Client Profitability

    Our more than 30 years of executive teamwork in hotel and hospitality management services pays dividends for our clients, guests and team members. Tru Voya has a proven approach to the management of limited and full-service independent and branded hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

    Hotel Consultancy

    Tru Voya is an hotel management consultancy specializing in independent, boutique and lifestyle hotels.

    As a hotel consulting, we focus on creating high performing hotels through unique hospitality experiences and delivering high quality and personal customer service. We leverage this and the unique character of independent hotels to achieve a high guest satisfaction and online reputation scores.

    Property Operational

    Full-service commitment to transparency.

    Tru Voya’s property management team efficiently and comprehensively handles all of the details of your property’s operation from physical inspections to the budgeting process. This ensures that our managed properties operate smoothly and professionally for our clients and tenants.

    Hotel Training

    Creating Effective Hotel Management Training

    If you are responsible for hotel management training, you likely find yourself repeating the same segments of instructions on a regular basis as you train new recruits or hire at multiple locations. One way to streamline this training, and possibly increase its effectiveness, is to consider an eLearning approach to your delivery.

    Hotel Marketing

    Sales and Marketing excellence, along with a focus in market share growth, is the key to our success.

    Each of our properties utilizes quarterly sales and marketing action plans for strategy and accountability. As a result, our hotels consistently achieve strong RevPAR market share growth by focusing on specific segments that pertain to each hotel to stay in front of the competition and optimize the strongest yield in all booking channels.


    Resource management is the process by which businesses manage their various resources effectively.

    Tru Voya' experienced HR team plays a key role in business strategy development & implementation, staffing & organizational structure, as well as allows our owners and investors to have peace of mind knowing they are in compliance and protected when it matters.


    Financial Management means planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities.

    Our centralized, in-house finance team ensures transparency with strong internal controls and a state-of-the-art accounting platform that allows us to consolidate real-time financial data and confidence to know all hotels are operating cost-effectively with the highest profitability.


    Tru Voya is established to organize corporate and private events.

    We are here to analyze, plan, organize, manage and execute corporate and private events with a class and style. Our job is not to get married only once, our job is to come up higher, so we want to give you such a job that people ask you who has made them work, and they should give us more work, so that our connectivity will increase.